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Chorak asr online

Chorak asr online

Interest is calculated on the remaining daily balance and paid every month. 

12 months term 22% interest rate 50 thousand UZS minimum amount
Open a deposit

Terms of the deposit:

Term: Interest rate: Minimum amount: Maximum amount:
12 months 22% 50 thousand UZS 500 million UZS


non-cash form via plastic cards of JSC Aloqabank in national currency.

Minimum amount:

50 thousand UZS

Maximum amount:

500 million UZS

Additional funds:

Allowed to add up.

Partial withdrawals:

Allowed (Keeping the minimum amount of (50 thousand UZS))


Calculated on a daily amount of the deposit, and Paid in advance each month

If the Deposit is closed early:

The interest paid is recalculated and deducted from the principal amount of the deposit.

On expired deposits, the interest is not paid


Required documents:

  • A copy of the passport (the original is provided for viewing);

Advantages of the deposits of Aloqabank

Quick decision-making processing of the application
in the shortest possible time.

Opening a deposit on the day of circulation make a profit
from the first day of opening.

A minimum of documents is enough for one passport
to open a deposit.

How does one open a deposit?

Fill out the application

It takes about 5 minutes on average

Wait for approval

We make a decision
within 15 minutes

Make a profit

Make a profit after depositing the amount to the account