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Chorak asr

Chorak asr

By the preference of the customer the interest is paid in advance every month in cash or non-cash form.

12 months term 22% interest rate 1 million UZS minimum amount
Open a deposit

Terms of the deposit:

Term: Interest rate: Minimum amount:
12 months 22%  1 million UZS


In cash and non-cash form


Depending on the form of acceptance in cash or non-cash form.

Additional funds:

Allowed to add up.

Partial withdrawals:

Not provided.


Paid in advance each month in cash or non-cash.

If the Deposit is closed early:

When the Depositor receives his deposit in demand within the period from 1 to 11 months, the full month part of the interest accrued to the deposit is retained and paid as follows, depending on the period of withdrawal:

  • 1-2 months-accrued for 1%,
  • 3-4 months-accrued for 13%,
  • 5-6 months-accrued for 15%,
  • 7-8 months-accrued for 17%,
  • If the 9-11-th months are received in full, then for all the full months, the annual recalculation from 19 percent will be made, and the amount and percentage of the deposit will be returned in the same form in which the deposit is credited (cash and non-cash).


Required documents:

  • A copy of the passport (the original is provided for viewing);

Advantages of the deposits of Aloqabank

Quick decision-making processing of the application
in the shortest possible time.

Opening a deposit on the day of circulation make a profit
from the first day of opening.

A minimum of documents is enough for one passport
to open a deposit.

How does one open a deposit?

Fill out the application

It takes about 5 minutes on average

Wait for approval

We make a decision
within 15 minutes

Make a profit

Make a profit after depositing the amount to the account