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Through plastic cards opened within the Salary project at JSC Aloqabank

up to 100 BEV loan amount 30% annual interest rate up up to 12 months loan term
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Предварительный расчет. Не является публичной офертой
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Расчет стоимости annuity

Overdraft loan is a short-term form of a loan that grants the holder of a bank plastic card the right to use an amount exceeding the remaining amount on the bank plastic card account when paying for goods (work, services).

Loan terms:

Loan amount Maturity Annual interest rate
Up to 3 times the average monthly salary of the borrower, but not more than 100 times the size of the basic estimated value Up to 12 months 30%

The term of the overdraft agreement is divided into 12 periods and a separate limit is set for each period. The amount of this limit is set in descending order compared to the amount of the loan agreement. The borrower must have worked at the last place of work for at least 6 months, as well as be employed at present.

Basic requirements to get an overdraft:

  • Third-party guarantee;
  • Liquid property.


Necessary documents:

  • A copy of the passport (the original is provided for viewing);

Information about the borrower's income (co-borrower, individual guarantor) is requested from the information database of the State Tax Committee (STC). If there is no possibility to obtain information on income from information database of the STC (if an application is received from a client that does not pay income tax or has an exemption to pay income tax or if you encounter technical problems in the information database of the STC and the internal system of the Bank) information about the income is provided by the borrower (the co-borrower is an individual)

Tariffs for Overdraft:

Maturity Annual interest rate Privileged period
Up to 12 months 30% Without grace period

Benefits of a loan from Alokabank

Fast decision making processing the application
as soon as possible.

Issuance of a loan on the day of application use the funds immediately
after receiving the loan.

Minimum documents a passport is enough
to open a loan.

How to get a loan?

Fill out an application

It takes
about 5 minutes on average

Wait for approval

We make a decision
within 15 minutes

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